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The Phalanx GmbH has decided to modernize its brand identity: The specialist in financing alternatives such as equity and non-bank financing has now a new logo and corporate design to reflect the successful development of strategy and business. Instead of the previous logo, a powerful word and figurative mark, to emphasize the strength and design standards of the company.

"We have expanded our service portfolio actively. We remodeled and brought the company structure, business units and creative potential to a complete new level. Phalanx is now profitable and strategically well positioned to shape the future of business consulting in a era of the change in the banking landscape. This is what we bring confidently expressed with our new brand, "said Christian Neusser, Managing Partner of Phalanx GmbH. "At the same time, we intend to emphasize even more strongly what Phalanx makes it unique in our view: Namely the special combination of creativity and entrepreneurship. This combination makes us and drives us forward."
Expressions to this "Safeguarding values​​. Financing growth. Establishing vision." the new slogan is not part of the logo , but will be used flexibly in the image communication.

Specifically, Phalanx presents future with a multicolored blue logo as pure word and figurative mark in a distinctive lettering. In corporate design, the two Phalanx main colors - light and dark blue - used in a modernized form.

"In keeping with the culture and strategy of our company, we have our brand not radical, but evolutionarily evolved in the sense of continuity, the new logo has an overall higher recall value. Scripture is concise and contemporary - the strong name 'Phalanx' stands for itself," explained Christian Neusser responsible for the new branding features . "At the same time the logo and new colors are ideal for applications in the digital world, such as apps."

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